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$65 for an iPhone 4 Screen Replacement from iSmart ($130 value)

iSmart Inc.
Value $130
You Save 50%
Savings $65
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Deal Highlights

  • Promotional Value Expires 3/31/13
  • Dropping phones happens to the best of us
  • Fixing a screen shouldn't cost hundreds of dollars
  • With this deal, you'll get a new screen for just $65
You've just put on your running shoes and you've got your workout playlist ready to go. As you head down the driveway and start bobbin to Bobby McFerrin, it slips. In slow motion, you see it rise as you grasp at it and miss with one hand. As it falls, you grasp at it again with the other hand, this time diving. The replacement costs and the terms of your plan run through your mind before you or the phone hit the ground. It shatters.
Don't worry. Be happy. With this deal, for just $65 you can replace that broken screen on your iPhone 4 at a mere fraction of what it would cost to do through Apple. It's AP Daily Deals' way of introducing you to a reliable repair shop you need to enter in your iPhone. On second thought, put it in your Rolodex!
Two per person/household. 3 additional gifts allowed. Good for iPhone 4 only.

About iSmart Inc.

Visit merchant’s website ISmart has repaired over 4,000 phones! They fix all kinds of smartphones, no matter what the problem. Cracked screen, white screen, buttons not working, can't hear, people can't hear you, battery life issues, cracked housing, and more. Now you know who to call.
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St. Louis 9434 Gravois Rd.
St. Louis, Missouri, 63123 Phone: 314-800-4177 Get Directions
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